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Professional Master’s Top Groom

The ‘Professional Master’s Top Groom’ is a one year course for professionals, focused on those people who have the ambition to work with top riders and top stables for (inter)national competition. This course is unique in The Netherlands, but also for other parts of the world. The concept is supported by different international team coaches and top riders.

During 12 weeks, starting mid-September, the knowledge and skills as required by the international top riders and stables, are broadened and deepened through some theoretical and many practical classes. These knowledge and skills go far beyond those, potentially acquired through the 3- or 4-year vocational horse school trainings.

Then, there are two practical traineeship periods of 3 months each, which should be passed in top stables. Candidate course participants will, after their primary subscription, be invited for an intake session (most probably in July). The results of the written exams in December will determine whether the course participant will be allowed to pass on to the traineeship periods.
Under the heading “Pictures and Videos” you will find some illustrations associated with this course.

The number of available places for this course is limited, given its intensive and personal nature. So, do not hesitate to subscribe when you are highly motivated and ambitious.

This course can also be organized for you on location, while adapting its content tp your local conditions. If you are interested, or wish to receive more information, please fill in the application form , or contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Safety & Rescuing Accidented Horses

This one-day course comprises one part on safety on/around horse stables, and one part on rescuing accidented horses (after traffic accidents ; from the water/mud). Both parts have a small theoretical element and a larger practical hands-on training. Course days are defined in mutual agreement. Maximum number of participants is 20 per course day. Further information and subscription via E-mail.