Top Grooms

Are you looking for a groom replacement?

We offer a groom mediation service for high class stables and top-ranking riders.

Heat Stress Control



Auction support

  • Full Groom service
  • Security & VIP service
  • Horse transportation service

An all-in-one package.       

Training courses

We offer training courses for high quality Top Grooms. This course is supported by international competition riders and top-class stables.

Tesh International in de paardenkrant

Vertaal Tesh International in de Paardenkrant

TESH-international staat met een mooi artikel over de opleiding Professional Master’s Top Groom in de paardenkrant.
Met dank aan een van Nederlands talenten Piet Raymakers jr.

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Welcome at Tesh International

TESH-international is a young, dynamic company which is specialized in providing different top quality services for the international equine event sector.

Among the services provided are:

  • A groom mediation service to hire or replace equine competition grooms for high class stables and for top-ranking riders;
  • Heat stress control, including the delivery of patented horse cooling stands for properly cooling heat stressed horses (individual stands; carousel stands; cooling alleys)
  • A horse auction support service comprising a full groom service, a full security and VIP protection service, and a horse transportation service, as an all-in-one package;
  • A mediation service for purchasing or selling of your sport horses;
  • Training courses for high quality Top Grooms, such as our 12-months professional Master’s course; and a safety & rescue course of one day.